"Green juice in one hand; and a glass of red wine in the other..."


I originally started Frankie's Weekend to honour the little bit of time off we get each week (& each school night!).

Over the past two years or so, I've developed a huge interest in health and fitness; clean, balanced eating and my well-being. Before this 'revelation', I was your typical low-fat only, carbs-are-my-nemesis, tequila shotting cardio girl who couldn't understand why; a) my body shape wasn't changing and b) I constantly thought I was burning out. 

Now, after nurturing a passion for home cooking, approaching food as fuel, lifting weights, HIIT, running and understanding more about the importance of my well-being, my weekends (and weekdays!) look slightly different. 

I've learnt that balance is absolutely key. No, a shot of spirulina will not cancel out wine, but making informed decisions about what I put in my body helps me maintain the lifestyle I want. 

I try really hard to use the 80 / 20 approach with food and exercise. 80% of the time; eat good, clean food that will nourish your body. The other 20% of the time, give your body what you want. Obviously, I'm human. I don't stick to this all the time, by any stretch of the imagination (but the intention is there!)..

I try to vary my diet up as much as possible, there aren't any food groups that I don't eat, and I'm lucky enough not to have any food intolerances.

I'm not a health or fitness expert. I'm not in the industry professionally, although I am studying a Diet and Nutrition Advisor course in my spare time at the moment. I'm aware this isn't the most prestigious of qualifications, but this is something I'm choosing to study for personal reasons, and if I feel that after completing this course, I want to embark on a more serious course, I will do.

With Frankie's Weekend I want to show you guys what fitness and food I'm loving at the moment and what's working for me, and hope to inspire you to cook healthily, indulge too, and find some sort of exercise that you'd class as fun!

Think of it as 'your friend' who's trying their best to live a healthy lifestyle. I want this place to be somewhere people feel they can come not just for inspiration but to laugh at our healthy failings and somewhere you'll find 'normal' restaurant reviews, too.

Stick around if you want to see what my current fitness routine is, my health progress, activewear pics, food and restaurants reviewed from the perspective of a "normal" girl trying to achieve a balanced outlook on health and well-being. 

Even more about Frankie's Weekend...

I definitely got sucked into the clean eating bandwagon. I first read Chris Karr's Crazy Sexy Diet and absolutely loved it and everything she stood for. I then read Michael Moss's book, Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, and I had a real moment of realisation about how hoodwinked we are as a society to eat shit food. 

I got so into it that I almost started activating my nuts so my body could receive the 'full benefit' of my almonds before I realised how ridiculous this seemed.

Yes, health is important. Fueling your body with the right food that will nourish you and make you the best version of you (whatever that is), is great. Waiting for your almonds to soak for twelve hours in a bowl of water so you can snack on ten of them the next day, is not, in my opinion. No offence to my nut soakers out there; fair play, send me some ground breaking research into why I should do it and I'll sure as hell do my best to give it another go...

What I'm trying to say, is, my aim here is to inspire you to feel motivated and excited to reap the benefits of living an 80/20 lifestyle. I feel grateful to live in an era where celebrating health and happiness has become mainstream. Long may wearing activewear to brunch live.

Here you'll find my favourite recipes, nutrition inspiration, fitness goals, well-being tips, restaurant reviews, cheat destinations and posts on discovering the places I've escaped to for the weekend (for fitness or fun), from Manchester... and beyond.

Although born and bred in (the mighty) Bristol, Manchester has been my home for the last few years, and I love it.

If you would like to get in touch, all my contact details can be found here

Enjoy! xx

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Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is based on my opinion - although studying for a nutrition advisor course in my spare time (for fun), I do not claim to be an authority or expert in nutrition, health or fitness. My posts are based on personal preference and what works for me. Please seek professional health and fitness advice for more stringent guidance! 


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