Saturday 23 November 2013

Dog Bowl

I've eaten at Dog Bowl a few times since it opened but never bowled there. In fact, I haven't been bowling for about ten years, when me and my friends thought rocking up at Hollywood Bowl sans parents on a Saturday was the coolest thing ever.

Forget Hollywood Bowl, Dog Bowl is the coolest bowling bar around. Last Thursday I finally swapped my boots for bowling shoes and got ready to be slated by friends at my appalling inability to get a strike.

The atmosphere is buzzing, the music is right up my street and the cocktails are fruity and exotic. Plus, the bowling lanes have disco lights on!

I went for the Big Kahuna, it was di-vine.

Somehow, I managed to get four strikes (four!), but still lost, by a long way. I'm blaming the rum in my cocktail.

There was no question as to whether we'd stay for food or not.

The boys both had 5 piece fried chicken (which has an amazing lemony taste) and comes with creamed potatoes, gravy and thick, white bread. I went for Cajun chicken fajitas. The peppers were sizzling & the chicken had just the right amount of spice. They're served with amazing home made avocado, sour cream and salsa. I'm all over sweet potato fries at the minute so naturally the greedy girl inside me ordered these as a side - the photo above doesn't do them justice but all you need to know is that they were salty, crisp on the outside, soft inside and incredibly moreish.

The guys at Dog Bowl sent me their latest video, this time it's about bowling shoes - because, no matter who you're wearing, what you're sipping, or if you've rocked up for a first date... You've gotta wear the shoes! It's really funny - yes to those edgy hipsters at 0.29!

What 'tribe' would you be from the video?

Dog Bowl is open from 12pm - 3am on weekdays and from 10am on weekends.
  • It's £6 off peak per person per game
  • At peak times it's £8 per person per game (from 6pm onwards Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday)
  • It's just £4 after midnight 7 days a week
Check out their website for more details. 

Sunday 17 November 2013

Running Routes: my favourites in Manchester

When I was at school I hated running. I don't know whether it was my fourteen-year-old self's stumpy legs, teenage apathy or laziness, but running & I just didn't get on.

Fast forward a good few years, 2 half marathons & the Men's Health Survival Race later and I love it.

Fitness benefits aside, I think it's such a good way to explore your surroundings; it's invigorating, empowering and great for stress relief (and it's FREE!). There's nothing quite like the feeling of taking your trainers off after a really tough run.

When I'm 'in training', not hungover on a weekend morning or just need to get out of the house, these are my favourite running routes in Manchester.

West Didsbury & the River Mersey

This route is 5 miles and the perfect week night track (I wouldn't go alone when it's dark though - it's quite isolated.)

Chorlton Water Park

One loop round the lake is about a mile, so as long as you don't mind seeing the same thing over and over, you can track your miles pretty easily. The ducks and wildlife make a really nice change of scenery from road markings and traffic lights. It can get a bit busy around lunchtime on the weekends though, especially when the sun comes out.

I do this route for 7 miles, so it's perfect if you want to push yourself a little bit.

Fletcher Moss Gardens & the River Mersey

I discovered this on a 10k run yesterday morning. WHY have I never been to Fletcher Moss Gardens before!! Amazing! So many random gardens, tennis courts and woods, it's lovely. I'd imagine it would be great on a summer's day.

I was really in awe when I saw this boulevard type trail. Sounds silly, but it reminded me of something from a fairy tale. I ran through it to find myself back on the river bank in no time....

Do you have any favourite routes? I'm always looking for new trails so let me know if you've got a favourite..

PS sorry about the fuzziness on these pics - most of them are taken mid-run and on my phone!


Saturday 16 November 2013

Breakfast Time: Crazy Cow Cafe

You know those people who can't face food first thing in the morning? Yeah. I'm one million percent not one of them.

I wake up ravenous and my tummy doesn't stop grumbling until I've finished my last mouthful. I go through cereal boxes on a weekly basis and I don't think there's anything I wouldn't try once for breakfast.

It's not often I eat out for breakfast but I've had my morning feed twice recently in The Crazy Cow Cafe in West Didsbury, and each time has been lip-licking delicious.

James had a salmon, cream cheese & rocket bagel washed down with a cappuccino

I had honey porridge & a latte.

We went really early so were the only people in there (catching the worm and all that).

The staff are always so friendly and there's a real 'neighbourhood' vibe to it. If you're in the area, check them out. They do lunches too. Annoyingly, they're not open on a Sunday... so you'd better get your fill of Illy coffee on a Saturday!

They don't call it the most important meal of the day for nothing, kids! Eating breakfast can help stop you reaching for quick-fix sugar hits later in the morning, and will give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

I also eat loads for brekkie. The way I look at it, you're better off having a big breakfast rather than a huge supper - that way you've got all day to burn off all the calories!

I'm loving porridge at the moment, it's so warming and wintery. I've been squeezing honey on top and sprinkling cinnamon all over it (I trick I learnt from Anna.)

What are your winter food staples?
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