Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My Favourite Health + Fitness Bloggers in Manchester

There's no doubt that the health and fitness arena is booming but the London scene seems to dominate my timelines so I wanted to highlight the bloggers I follow from Manchester - there are a load of them - in a round up post, so you can add some Northern soul to your social scroll.

I've rounded up some of my favourite health and fitness bloggers in Manchester as I love finding new blogs and people to follow who are on a similar ~vibe~ to me.

Twitter brought Spam & I together and we met "IRL" in early 2015. Since then, we've become good friends and are actually going on holiday together soon, with three other health/foodie friends (Sophie, Sophia and Vicki - who all met because of blogging and who, coincidentally all feature in this post..)

I always head over to Pam's blog if my sweet tooth calls - her recipes are really easy to follow and I'm always really impressed with not only how nice they look, but how nice each creation tastes, too.

BBC Good Food have also named her as one of six health bloggers you should follow in 2016, which is amazing.

Vicki is a qualified PT at The Gym group in Manchester city centre, and she's recently started doing office PT classes, bringing circuits to your desk, so watch this space... I love her weekly newsletters that always include a cheeky recipe and workout for you to add into your training mix. 

Soph has such a refreshing, down to earth approach to gourmet style, easy home cooking and reading her blog is like having a chat with a good mate. Posts like her 'food at the cabin' blog encapsulate everything I love about how food can bring people together - and reminds me of similar posts I've written, such as my weekend away in Dartmouth and an early Christmas in north France with my closest friends. 

Sophia Hall - Nalu Active

Sophia is currently undergoing a major revamp to an amazing new fitness brand, Nalu Active - combining wellness coaching, PT & nutrition packages. Her website isn't live yet but will link to it when it is. In the meantime, feast your eyes on her amazing insta, full of gorgeously glam, strong selfies, easy to recreate recipes and fitness motivation. 

Hannah was one of the first bloggers I started watching on YouTube. She's got such a 'real life' approach to living a healthy lifestyle and keeps coming back to the word balance. I love how motivating and positive she is on social - scrolling through my newsfeed at 6am on a Monday morning is always made so much better when I've seen a "you got this" memo from this beaut.

Towards the end of last year Hannah ran a lush supper club at The Garden, Hale where she helped create the most delicious three course meal.. I couldn't stop thinking about that chocolate cheesecake for weeks on end. Her infectious laugh and positivity are winners with me...

One third of the #GirlGains movement; the blonde beauty that truly embodies the fact that the #girlgains clan is most definitely a national thing. Vic's instagram and snapchat are perfect places to go for fitness motivation and inspiration.

I had the 'pleasure' of letting Vic teach me in a HIIT class once, and let me tell you, it was not pretty... she worked us all damn hard! After the HIIT session at the event, all of us girls had a good old chin wag, and it was really refreshing to sit around and talk about 'gal' things, and get away from filters and hashtags. Fair play to MyProtein for organising such a fab event.

"Run fast, lift heavy, eat hard." Three phrases I more than wholeheartedly agree with, and it just so happens, the tag line of Sarah's blog. One thing I love about Sarah's blogs are the edgy backdrops for photoshoots she always seems to find, and she's got amazing strength - she's a real inspiration. 

I also remember reading about the importance of washing gym kit with sports detergent on Sarah's blog, to keep your activewear in tip top condition... I'm still yet to invest (it's one of those items that's always 'on the list'), but for more practical tips (and great crossfit vids on Insta) head over to her website and social channels pronto.

Sequins is a firm favourite in my eyes; mingled in with her beauty best buys, restaurant reviews + renovation posts, you'll find a taste of fitness as she dips her toe in the world of healthy living. Sarah's one of those girls who could eat chocolate until the cow's came home and still be trim, but maybe staying slim is down to the fact she always seems to be jetting off to the alps to explore (she's off to review what the Austrian alps is like in the summer in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled...)

Rebecca's someone I like for her honest approach to clean eating. She gives truthful appraisals on how she previously struggled with her weight and swears that clean eating changed her life. Her instagram is great for any brides to be looking to get fit for their big day, as she ties the knot in a few months!

These are my fave healthy lifestyle and fitness blogs from Manchester at the moment, there are so many more - I'm tempted to do a follow up post...  if you've got any favourites pleeease send them my way as I love finding new people to follow! x


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