Thursday 30 May 2019

Liverpool: A great afternoon at Baltic Market

I can't believe I'm a marathon runner. Like actually still a bit in denial about it all! What a day. I'm currently pulling together a post on the things I learnt from doing a marathon that I can't wait to share; I think I'm still processing it all to be honest! Whilst I try and whittle down the things I learnt running my first 26.2, here's a food post as naturally, the day involved a lot of food. And drink.

As most of you know, I was running in memory of my best friend Georgia's mum, so her family and some of my family were coming up to support for the weekend. They'd been looking for hotels in Liverpool and stuff to do either side of the marathon to make the most of the big trip from Bristol to Liverpool. Georgia stayed in Hotel Indigo and wow - what a relief it was to know that I could shower and freshen up after the run. I've never been more grateful for a shower!

Georgia had found Tusk in the Baltic Quarter, Googling restaurants for dinner whilst I was running (hard day for some of us). As there were ten of us (I had a great cheer squad!), we thought it sounded like a good place to go as a group.

Straight after I'd crossed the finish line, and for a good few hours after, food was (perhaps unsurprisingly) the last thing on my mind. I felt sick and completely out of it, so naturally... it was on to a pub for a few drinks. Probably not the healthiest of refuelling strategies!

I'd heard really good things about the Baltic Triangle, a former industrial area now home to lots of bars, art galleries and art centres, cafes, food halls, and bars with plenty of outdoor seating - which was great as the sun decided to come out!

We attempted to get a table in Baltic Market but it was rammed (a great sign); really buzzing with music, drinks flowing and bank holiday mode in full swing - it would've been perfect had I not just run a marathon and in need of some food, quite quickly!

We turned the corner and came across Tusk. Offering meat, veggie and vegan options, they had a table for us right away, we were sold!

Tusk describes itself as a 'food and drink sanctuary', with a log burner, big bar and plenty of tables, and an overarching industrial vibe. We arrived about 6.30 and so sat amongst others in for an early dinner and people chilling next to the log burner.

It's also Liverpool's first ever carbon neutral restaurant (they plant over 100 trees a month), which is pretty cool; very impressive. As a 'carbon free dining certified partner' they plant a fruit tree in the developing world to balance out the environmental impact of the meal and helps to end poverty.

If you know me, you know I'm now a vegetarian eco-warrior like the rest of them, so I was sold. Even more happier to be doing my bit for the planet whilst drinking aperol...

The menu on Sunday was centered on hot dogs and burgers, with a load of sides. I liked the fact that although they're heavily focused on their plant based menu, each vegan or veggie option came with a meat version too, so my meat eating fam and friends could choose what they wanted, too.

We shared a few portions of nachos between us to start and ordered a few bottles of malbec.

For my main, I had the veggie burger - an insane plant based burger that looked and tasted so much like meat. Hands down the most 'realistic' meatless burger I've tried. That, coupled with sweet potato fries (and pinching a few halloumi fries from across the table), was a great post-marathon refuel.

Despite being so full, a waiter really kindly brought me out surprise churros and chocolate dip to say well done for running the marathon... along with a huge shot of black sambuca!

It was a great way for me (and friends and fam) to celebrate such a big achievement, I loved it! If you're in Liverpool soon and in need of a restaurant / bar / area recommendation, I'd really recommend Baltic Triangle - the atmosphere was amazing (it reminded me of a cross between Hamburg and Belfast) - well worth going.

Some spending money was given to me by which I put towards this meal, but all views are my own!
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