Tuesday 25 February 2014

Instagram Catch Up: Life through a lens

Cake. Wine. Friends. Spring.

The above sounds like the intro to a very feminine poem doesn't it? But it's basically how I'd sum up the past two weeks. I've got posts I want to write up separately but wanted to share what I've been up to recently...

I received a surprise gift in the post from my little sister - she'd crafted me a stuffed bird; isn't it cute? (there's also something still really exciting about receiving something in the post that isn't a bill - cheap thrills eh!)

Grew up absolutely hating on peanut butter (especially with 'jelly', EW), but now, grown up, it's one of my favourite toast toppings..

..and it tastes awesome on these clean and healthy pancakes (recipe from Fifi's Skinny Munch

Can't get enough of this 'Snow in Love' Yankee candle. It smells so fresh.

I know, I know, I'm always going on about how much I love anti-pasti. But look at it!! 

New absolute favourite red. Oaky, rich and incredibly smooth - anyone would think I knew what I was talking about! It tastes amazing. 

This doesn't look all too appetising but trust me it's clean eating at its most indulgent. Grated sweet potato and carrot cooked with spices, poached egg on top, tuna and leafy greens. I'll do an in-depth recipe soon as it's so easy to make and REALLY tasty.

How beautiful does this look? Taken at a park in Manchester when I was running.

How beautiful does this look? No, I'm not mistaking this photo for the flowers above. There are fewer things more holy looking than this picture of red wine after a stressful day! 

You know when you see your name on something and have to take a photo of it? Yeah, that. This was taken at The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon - you need to try their red velvet cupcakes, I'm addicted.

The naughtiest, gooeyest, salted caramel chocolate cake that I wolfed down at the Halo blogger event on Sunday. The event was pretty special, keep your eye out for my post on it!

Of course, you could just follow me on instagram for more.. ;)

Sunday 2 February 2014

Obergurgl, Austria

Last week, I tried something different.


I'd never been before. Other than two full day lessons at the Chill Factore (which I'd definitely recommend before booking a ski holiday if you're a beginner), I was a total novice. 

I had lessons in the morning and then met up with the 'seasoned pros' just before lunch. Funny how after a pint or two of ice cool beer your skiing rapidly improves! 

There are loads of funny stories, including a trip to lunch which involved being towed off piste, clinging onto a rope that was hanging off the back of a truck (NB swearing, shouting and screaming were mandatory here). I didn't break any bones, absolutely loved it and left each day wanting more - need to start saving up for next year asap!

Now, I know I haven't got the best benchmark to go off, but Obergurgl was an incredible place to stay. Serene is the only way I can think to describe it - except in the evenings when everyone is shotting schnapps and singing..

We stayed here, in the Edelweiss & Gurgl hotel.

I didn't manage to take any pictures of the food so you'll just have to take my word for it but my god it was good - four courses at each meal kind of good. Fondue, sausage, rosti, smoked ham, cheese, pastries, chocolates and so.much.wine. YES.

There was a spa in the hotel with saunas, pools, jacuzzis and steam rooms - actual heaven after a day on the slopes. My favourite part was an outdoor pool set in the mountainside. I've taken this pic from the hotel's website to show you what it looked like (you can imagine that after apres ski and a sauna session I wasn't really in a fit state to be cracking the lens out) -

Pretty amazing to be swimming half way up a mountain in the snow, watching people race down a run to the hotel (as this lovely lady demonstrates..!).

Safe to say despite being a beginner I had no trouble adjusting to the apres ski:

I'm keen to know what your favourite resorts are - any particular places you'd recommend for a beginner?

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