Sunday 17 November 2013

Running Routes: my favourites in Manchester

When I was at school I hated running. I don't know whether it was my fourteen-year-old self's stumpy legs, teenage apathy or laziness, but running & I just didn't get on.

Fast forward a good few years, 2 half marathons & the Men's Health Survival Race later and I love it.

Fitness benefits aside, I think it's such a good way to explore your surroundings; it's invigorating, empowering and great for stress relief (and it's FREE!). There's nothing quite like the feeling of taking your trainers off after a really tough run.

When I'm 'in training', not hungover on a weekend morning or just need to get out of the house, these are my favourite running routes in Manchester.

West Didsbury & the River Mersey

This route is 5 miles and the perfect week night track (I wouldn't go alone when it's dark though - it's quite isolated.)

Chorlton Water Park

One loop round the lake is about a mile, so as long as you don't mind seeing the same thing over and over, you can track your miles pretty easily. The ducks and wildlife make a really nice change of scenery from road markings and traffic lights. It can get a bit busy around lunchtime on the weekends though, especially when the sun comes out.

I do this route for 7 miles, so it's perfect if you want to push yourself a little bit.

Fletcher Moss Gardens & the River Mersey

I discovered this on a 10k run yesterday morning. WHY have I never been to Fletcher Moss Gardens before!! Amazing! So many random gardens, tennis courts and woods, it's lovely. I'd imagine it would be great on a summer's day.

I was really in awe when I saw this boulevard type trail. Sounds silly, but it reminded me of something from a fairy tale. I ran through it to find myself back on the river bank in no time....

Do you have any favourite routes? I'm always looking for new trails so let me know if you've got a favourite..

PS sorry about the fuzziness on these pics - most of them are taken mid-run and on my phone!


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