Monday 10 July 2017

Double 00 Pizza Chorlton

I never ever ever exaggerate. Ok. I do. But, oh my gosh why haven't I written a post about this before now? Considering I've been going two years? Considering that Double 00 pizza is the best pizza I've ever had?

See. No bold claim. Just pure, unadulterated truth.

I've been going to Double 00 since it first opened a couple of years ago; in fact, I went in its first week when things weren't quite ready and the place stunk of fibreglass, and it was still great.

I've probably been between 15 - 20 times, and I'm not bored (I last went on Sunday).

I've seen the restaurant go from having stacks of flour by the windows, to opening up the main front wall with bifold doors (always a winner) so that now, the terrace and the inside of the restaurant are basically one.

I don't just love the pizzas.

I love the fact it's BYOB.

I love the fact it's equally somewhere you can go on a date, for a birthday meal as a big group of friends, for somewhere to gossip and catch up with a best mate, and to take your parents.

I love the music they play. Feel good house (oh yes kids) - the playlist always makes me want to go on a night out (but my carb baby says otherwise).

I love the fact you can either choose one of their own pizzas, or make your own (I always make my own). Their starters are pretty good too.

I usually always get the make your own with chicken, jalapenos and nduja, or balsamic onions. And it's soo good.

Quite often if I'm in a group we'll get a couple of the rocket and parmesan side salads as they're lush.

For starters, the fig crostini is incredible, the olives are good, and the antipasti platter gets a thumbs up from me.

My favourite thing though has to be... no matter how rammed or busy they are, and despite not having booked sometimes, they'll always always do their best to fit you in, whether that means moving tables around (it happened to us where we've literally moved mid meal so they could accommodate some more people - it's just their 'vibe', and I'm totally fine with that), or being realistic about timings. It's busy and loud but the people are so friendly you feel like you know them.

You can find them on Twitter here, on Trip Advisor here. If there's more than two of you, definitely book. And thank me later ;)

Here's some more pics of pizzas...


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