Sunday 15 December 2013

Expo Lounge

I always get a bit panicky when people suggest going for tapas, for fear that it won't fill me up.

So when a friend decided we try the tapas at Expo Lounge for lunch today, I was a little hesitant.

It's silly really because every time I do have it I love it, and am always waaay too stuffed.

Expo Lounge opened in July this year and it's been on my radar to try for months.

It was busy (good sign), but not overcrowded or too rowdy so we nestled down at a table by the window.

At £3.25 per dish, the tapas section is reasonably priced and more than extensive. We chose eight dishes (I know, don't). Your tapas also comes served with warm, crusty sliced ciabatta so don't forget to ask for some balsamic vinegar to dip in.

Patatas bravas. Sometimes this dish can go a little slimy but our potatoes were light inside with a crisp shell, and the relish was punchy.

Spanish chorizo in red wine & garlic, and prawns with sun blushed tomato, chilli & red pepper.
The sauce in the chorizo dish was incredibly rich, but not in a sickly way, in a really really good way. It was quite a thin jus so it was perfect for coating the ciabatta in. I think the prawns were my least favourite dish, but I have to be in a certain mood for prawns so probably not best to judge. Again, the sauce was great: chunky and full of flavour.

Pan-fried halloumi, courgettes & peppers with a rose harissa dressing.
Really light and 'zingy' - the halloumi was taut and flavoursome, rather than bland and squeaky like it sometimes can be.

Sweet potato and basil falafel with cumin and coriander yoghurt. 
This was the first dish I tried - gorgeous. Not too crumbly, but not too densely packed.

Lamb and mint koftas with tzatziki.
I love lamb & I love tzatziki and this dish didn't disappoint, but I would've liked the lamb to have been a bit bigger!

We also ordered roasted sweet potato and butternut squash with goats cheese and this was one of my top three. I'd never think to put goats cheese with a root veg but it worked really well.

The rest of the menu offers your usual; burgers, salads, 'dogs' etc, although I did spot a fruity looking Jambalaya and something called Lounge Dirty Baked Beans which sounds like an insane hangover cure.

I didn't realise but these guys have 'lounges' up and down the UK, so if there's one near you make sure you pay a visit! There are six in Bristol so I'll definitely be paying one of them a visit when I'm next home. 


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