Saturday 7 December 2013

The Cabbage Soup Diet: part one

I’ve never followed a ‘fad diet’ before. Instead I’ve always tried to eat healthily, go to the gym (…and inevitably binge from Thursday night to Sunday). So why, I bet you're thinking, did I decide to follow the Cabbage Soup Diet two weeks before Christmas?

I wanted to try and lose a few pounds before the festive fun really kicked in.
I figured that if I’d lost a few pounds in time for Christmas then it would negate some festive weight (basically trying to do my January-self a favour). A friend from work introduced me to the concept and we decided to battle it together.

Grab a cup of (fruit) tea and let’s delve into my diet diary…

  • Soup will form the main basis of your meals for seven days 
  • You eat one (or two) other food groups alongside your soup, and it's different every day
  • No alcohol (you're on a detox silly), or any other drink other than water or fruit tea

Sounds simple, yes?

Before we start, I’ve got a confession to make. I haven’t been eating cabbage soup (it sounds rank). Instead, I’ve been blending, roasting and mixing all the vegetables under the sun.

“So, you’re not doing the cabbage soup diet at all then?” has been the confused, standard response I’ve been getting from people. Well, technically not, but it's the liquid element of the soup that's the most important thing, so it still works in principle. And it’s much, much tastier.

  • A blender. You can't do this without one. I picked one up from Clas Ohlson for £19.99 and I think I'm in love. 
  • A heap load of fresh vegetables. You're probably going to stock up at least three times.
  • Fruit teas (these Strawberry, Cranberry & Raspberry teas from Sainsburys actually taste like juice, unlike others).
  • Motivation. IT'S ONE WEEK PEOPLE. Just seven days of your life. 


Food: your soup, plus any amount of fruit except bananas.
It’s Wednesday and I’m on my way to work. I’m a little worried because as you know, I love a hearty breakfast. But armed with my plums, blueberries and grapes I’m willing to give this a shot.

11 am: It’s ok. I haven’t passed out from hunger and I’m still functioning at work. Plus, snacking on grapes whenever I want makes me feel a little bit like a Roman empress – without the robes or servants.

Lunch: Excited to try my soup. I used a WHOLE onion in just one blender batch though, so it tastes waaaay too oniony (mental note for the next batch). Feel disgruntled.

By about 4pm all my fruit has gone, but on the plus side I don't feel too hungry. 

Go to the gym as normal, come home, have my soup again.

Climb into bed feeling like this:


FOOD: Your soup, plus any amount of vegetables. In the evening have a jacket potato with butter.

Woke up this morning wanting to do this:
I feel like an absolute wazzock heating up sautéed courgettes and mushrooms in the office microwave for breakfast but whatever, all in the name of health. It doesn't taste too bad, but at 8.20am, it’s not what my tummy wanted (sorry gut).

Lunch: today my soup is much better.

I’ve been snacking on carrots and I can’t keep it from you any longer – I bought a mini pot of reduced fat hummus (I know, send me to hell). But it’s fine, as it kept me going till dinner.

Went to the gym as normal and then got to DEVOUR a baked potato with a generous helping of Lurpak. Melt in the middle and ooze around carby, lovely goodness. It was great. Who knew potato was so good with just butter?!


FOOD: your soup, plus any vegetables AND fruit (except bananas)

Today feels like you've rediscovered food because you can have fruit and veg. I think this diet is great for making you appreciate different food groups so I’m going to work happy knowing that I can have both.

I’m definitely getting better at this soup malarkey too because today’s lunch was (if I say so myself), really nice. I had loads of fruit and herbal tea too so left work feeling motivated and cleansed.

It’s tough now though because it’s Friday. There’s a cinema trip on the cards and I LOVE popcorn. After my soup for dinner I stocked up on dried mango and chewy banana to take to the cinema and I didn’t eat a morsel of popcorn (I don’t know how...) You’re technically not allowed bananas on this day but screw it, whatever.

FOOD: soup, plus only bananas and skimmed milk.
Ok so this is where it starts to get weird. I blended together banana and loads of skimmed milk for my breakfast. It was a really nice smoothie but didn’t fill me up so I had another one. You can have up to 8 bananas and 8 glasses of milk.

I went about my usual business for a Saturday, and made some insanely tasty soup (recipe to follow).

This is where I’m up to. I’ve just finished my soup and had another (thicker, more banana-y) smoothie for pudding. I also added one teaspoon of peanut butter because it’s a Saturday and I went wild (I’m totally eating another as we speak hehe).

I’m over half way through now though!

How do I feel?
It feels good! It’s tough; I’ve definitely felt more tired and lethargic and you need lots of distractions (I went shopping every lunch break oopsie!). But overall I feel detoxed, healthy and cleansed.

Have I lost weight so far?
I’ve definitely noticed I’m less bloated, and around my shoulders, arms and hips I definitely feel more toned. Bring on the next 3 days!

Have you ever done a similar diet? Any tips for a first timer?
I’ll post my soup recipes and tips in the next installation!


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