Monday 10 March 2014

The Grill On New York Street

In my opinion, nothing can make a Monday more bearable than going out for dinner and having a juicy steak and a bottle of red wine. Except perhaps if that meal is paid for by the no.1 man in your life. Cheers Dad!

We needed somewhere close to the train station for him that was nice enough to feel like we were treating ourselves - if you're on a flying visit to Manchester and want to eat somewhere classy near the station, this is the one.

Grill on New York Street is always a winner with me, in fact, all the Blackhouse haunts I've tried have never failed to impress me.

We started with the wine list, choosing a rounded Tempranillo to cheers the end of Monday.

After bread, olives and beer it was time for steak.

Medium rare rump, jacket potato, watercress and French beans.

The meat is always insanely juicy, and the jacket was light and fluffy. Crunchy beans in butter finished this off perfectly.

Just to rack up the calorie count: Blue cheese sauce smothering my steak.

Dad had the same but with chips and mustard.

I seriously can't recommend this place enough. The atmosphere was great; busy but not overcrowded, which for a Monday night, is alright by my standards!

And, in case you need any more tempting, I'll leave you with this...


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