Sunday 16 March 2014


#FridayFoodFight launched last week. Cue twelve weeks of street food, exotic cider and people raving about must-eat dishes around the city.

I went along on Friday night and it was buzzing. The perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Friday's food fight promised freshly cooked food from; Reds True BBQ, Ning, Alams, Bobbys Bangers, Yang Sing, Hip Hop Chip Shop, Shake Maroc & Roll, Fair Game and Sugar Rush Gals....... plus a DJ set from Juicy. 

Where to start???

First up, ribs and 'slaw from Reds True Barbecue - everyone has been raving about this place so I was excited to try it.

I'm not much of a ribs gal to be honest, but I could appreciate the gooey, sticky, tasty glaze and the 'slaw was really crunchy and crisp. 

Next up, Fair Game. 

I went for the pulled wild boar focaccia with celeriac slaw, apple sauce and parsnip crisps.


I'd never had boar before but it's definitely something I'll have again. YUM. This was particularly messy to eat so maybe a first date no-no, although it would be a funny icebreaker... celeriac slaw dribbling down your chin (#firstworldproblems)..

After a drink break, it was time for round three. Ying Sang.

Pork belly, soy chicken and roast duck with broccoli and pak choi on a bed of rice.

The sauces were good and I'm definitely going to be paying the restaurant a visit soon, but most of the meat had bones in it so made it quite hard to eat (I'm just really lazy).

A pomegranate cider and pint of beer later, it was time for some more food, and more snaps:

This next dish was my favourite of the night.

Char Kuey Teow. Sooo tasty. If you like Pad Thai, you'll love this. Instead of peanuts, there's crispy fried shallots to sprinkle on top, as well as a fresh chilli chunks.

I didn't have room left to eat a dessert, so leaving these guys till next week!!

#FridayFoodFight is at Upper Campfield market for the next ten weeks. It's open 5.30 - 11pm so it's ideal if you're coming straight from work or need somewhere that serves food, drinks and an amazing atmosphere before a night out!

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