Sunday 6 July 2014

Walking in the Peak District

I love getting out of the city on the weekend. On Saturday James and I got up early and headed over to Curbar Gap and the surrounding area in the Peak District for a big ass walk.

We waded through fern bushes (NB I am no horticulturist - there's a good chance this isn't fern. But, potato, potato).

Clambered on rocks...

Tried to tame some little lambs;

And breathed in a whole load of fresh, country air.

The walk's got everything.. a dense forest, rolling hills, kissing gates, quarrys, muddy paths and clear stream water. One of those 'country' places where you say hi to everyone you pass - which I do, but it always makes me laugh. If they were walking down a city street you wouldn't even acknowledge them.

 The photo below is my favourite from the day:

We walked for a few hours before driving to a lush country pub, The Fox House, for a much deserved lunch and pint of cider (or two).

On Sunday, we had a picnic in Buxton Pavillion Garden and watched a swing brass band - not exactly rock and roll but such a nice way to spend the weekend!

It's just over an hour away from Manchester in the car, so if you're reading this from the North West, put this on your weekend to do list.... and if anyone knows of any other good country routes up this way, please let me know..

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