Sunday 28 September 2014

Making Sushi

On Friday I learnt how to make sushi.

It was incredible. Ben from Sushi Night Fever came over loaded with sticky rice, fish, seaweed and gloves for lubing (very important).

We made everything below:

You make each type in rounds, and Ben's on hand to help should you begin to mess it all up (and take group photos, which is always very useful).

I was genuinely so surprised at how full we all were after the master class had finished!

Rows and rows of spicy tuna, chunky salmon, crispy salmon skin and avocado, mango, cucumber, ginger, wasabi, chives and seaweed... what a fishy feast!

Now, on to those lubey gloves (oh er)... You wear them to get down and dirty with your filling. Ben gave us all a squirt of mayo to get our fingers nice and, um, moist (which helps everything mould together), and away you go! We couldn't get enough:

My hosomaki:

So proud of these little beauties!

For a dinner party with a difference, it's definitely up there. Ben was great, managed around the space limitations (ten people and a modest dining table makes for an interesting seating plan...), and stayed for some drinks with us after (poor bloke). 

Their website's here: 

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