Saturday 27 September 2014

Reunion in Roa Island

A few weeks ago, Roa Island got a bit of a rude awakening when fourteen ex-uni pals turned up in convoy, each with a boot full of booze...

It's a weird old place on the southern most point of the Lake District, with coast to one side and lakes (a twenty minute drive) the other.

This RNLI lifeboat house backed on to the garden. We stayed in Roa Island House for the weekend - if you're planning a big get together in the Lakes with friends or family then it's worth checking it out.

The house is massive. With its own observatory tower(!), backwards ticking clock (and a hot tub mofooo's), it's pretty good for "getting away from it all". Ideally it could've done with another hot tub as it was a bit of a struggle with fourteen people, but after plural prosecco & gins personal space was soon forgotten.....

We didn't lounge about in the hot tub all day, we managed a big walk near Newby Bridge on Saturday, and had a picnic on the er, 'beach' the next.

After exhausting pizzas, barbecues and picky food we ordered caterers in to cook something amazing for us on Sunday evening.

It started out oh-so civilised...

 But. as with all good nights, things descended into chaos quite quickly..

We woke to a surprise on the last day of the cleaners hammering on the door and kicking us out.

Hanging our heads in shame at the remnants of the night before, we dragged ourselves off to a lay by on the island and had a breakfast picnic. You can tell how thrilled we all were at this situation:

One of the best weekends I've ever had!


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