Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas Time in North France

Last weekend marked the true beginning of the festive period for me: old friends, France, presents, wine, cheese & chocolate (and some good old board games thrown into the mix too..).

Me, Alice, Kate & Nichola set off from London in the car at 6am on Friday and were in a cottage in the north of France at midday. After a supermarket sweep style dash around the shops, we made the feast of a lifetime and sat down to have a proper catch up. 

At 6pm, we figured it was probably time to get down from the table, and get ready for secret Santa.....

I definitely came off the winner this time round, not only did I get the Marmite 'Love or Hate' boardgame (thanks, Kate), but the team behind Nola Spritz sent me a gift too - specially put together with a girls' night in mind!

The hamper included gorgeous smelling candles, popcorn, snacks and their signature 'Nola Spritz' - pre-mixed vodka in flavours; raspberry and elderflower and watermelon and strawberry. 

Me and the girls all decided that it reminded us of drinking crisp, cool fruit cider. Light, fruity and fizzy - and refreshingly cool after too much mulled wine and an open fire!

We stayed up into the early hours of the morning... with marshmallows, the Marmite boardgame, red wine and the best French radio station, 'Nostalgic'. It's like Smooth FM on heat, and we couldn't get enough.

Saturday tore us away from the fire and out into the countryside..

...where we seemed to stumble upon the best thing in the world.

A farmhouse with new kittens. Lots and lots of tiny balls of fluff jumping and running about. I actually could not deal.

After recovering from a cute-kitten induced seizure, I calmed down enough to take this for you;

Even when doing its best to look like a pissed off porcupine, it's still the cutest thing ever.

Happy Christmas..!


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