Tuesday 17 February 2015

Buckwheat Pancakes

These pancakes are the real deal, eat your heart out David Dickinson kind of Real Deal.

They crisp up perfectly and crunch just like 'traditional' pancakes (especially around the edges), and yet the soft, squidgy texture retains gooey syrup giving you a pancake fix that is spot on.

Makes 3 - 4 pancakes (depending on your pan and ladle size)

100g buckwheat flour
1 egg
1 heaped tablespoon Indigo Herbs banana powder*
1/2 cup almond / soy / oat / whatever milk

Whatever you like!
I used; 
Frozen raspberries
1/2 banana
85% dark chocolate, broken into pieces
Dessicated coconut
100% maple syrup
Lemon juice

Mix your flour and eggs together, and once whisked, slowly add in your milk. If the mixture isn't whipping into a thin, liquid like form, add some water and beat until you've got a loose mix, like traditional pancake batter.

Heat up a pan with some coconut oil, and when smoking hot, ladle away!
Flip it once or twice, making sure it's cooked (it should need about 1 - 2 minutes each side).


*You might have seen from this post on my Instagram - the guys at Indigo Herbs sent me an amazing sports supplement package including hemp protein, beetroot powder, banana powder, spirulina and other things, so look out for a few more posts featuring these products! These were sent to me to review, so you'll get my honest opinion. Banana powder = so far, so good; tastes lush!

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