Saturday 6 June 2015

Barrecore @ Alderley Edge

On Saturday morning I made my way to Alderley Edge with Sarah to give Barrecore a try.

It's been all over my Instagram feed recently and I've been intrigued to give the ballet / pilates inspired workout a go - I was particularly interested to see what it would do for me given my notorious inflexibility..!

The Barrecore website says it's a "low impact, full body interval training programme using isometic exercises alternated with stretching." 

You use your own body weight for resistance, as well as incorporating small weights with high reps to overload the muscle, then stretched out.

As someone who likes to think of themselves as a girl not afraid to lift heavy, I was a little apprehensive about the small weights given out. Well, how cocky that was. After (many) multiple reps using these 'small' weights, my arms and core were on fire, the burn was real.. it's changed how I think about small weights that's for sure!

I used to do ballet / pointe when I was younger, although stupidly gave it up thinking I was too 'cool' (stay classy, Katie), so I was really excited to use a bar again! Needless to say I did not look cool on this bar, with my stubborn, inflexible legs giving it all they had to work against me.

It did however, mean that I worked myself really hard, using muscles I hadn't engaged in a looong time, and on several occasions my legs were literally shaking uncontrollably (much to mine and Sarah's amusement).

There was ab work after (killer), and a chilled savasana to round off which was perfect.

At the start of the class, our lovely teacher Emily warned us about the shakes, and I half heartedly laughed it off. It is no joke, kids. I still feel a bit jelly-like now, hours after the class...

Overall - I loved it. I'd definitely be up for it again, it seems like the perfect workout to throw into your weekly mix to balance out any heavy lifting or intense HIIT.


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