Monday 19 October 2015

Lululemon Manchester

Last Thursday Lululemon Manchester gracefully opened its doors to appreciators of fitness fashion in the North West, and I for one was keen to get involved.

The girls have worked so hard over the past few months to keep the store in the forefront of our minds, organising workouts like Circuits in the City, urban triathlons and yoga as well as a massive flashmob in the city centre, and the opening night didn't disappoint!

Circuits in the City

After ogling the rails in the shop, we started off the evening with a fast paced circuits session outside the store involving boxing, burpees and running, quickly turning a cool October evening into a sweaty one.

With the work out done, I could shop guilt free.

Cue my latest wardrobe favourite, this lovely little sports bra:

I can't even with the straps. So nice and neon. Needless to say I've been 'wearing it in' a lot the past few days..! 

Wahu, Wholesome & Raw and Just Bee looked after us with endless juices, protein pots and wraps (the breakfast juice from Wholesome & Raw was especially nice, I don't know what was in it (oats, PB, banana...) but I'd definitely get it again.)

One of the nicest aspects of the showroom is wall of fame; a creative space for recipe ideas, favourite studios and pin pointing local places of interest to the health and fitness community.

In true Lululemon style there's a real sense of community about the showroom, including free yoga classes for anyone who can get to the showroom for on Saturday mornings.

Big thanks to the Lululemon ladies, who will have my credit card bill in a frenzy over the coming months. 

Lululemon Manchester is at 3 Saint Ann's Place, M2 7LP. It's open Wednesday - Saturday 11-6.


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