Friday 22 January 2016

Madeleine Shaw launches #GlowGuides App

You might remember me "fangirling" back in May when I went to Maddy's Supper Club at Harvey Nics, and ended up sitting on her table..?! The whole evening was great; spent sampling dishes from her 'Get the Glow' cookbook and getting to know loads more about Maddy herself.

Maddy's book is one of my favourite (potentially in the top 3?!) cook books I've bought over the past year; I really appreciate her ethos on eating and I like how all-encompassing her recipes are - vegans and meat-eaters alike can find loads of incredible dishes to make. Madeleine herself is also really sweet, lovely to talk to and very humble.

Get The Glow is full of lush, wholesome dishes like this green goddess bowl (made for her supper club)
As a big Mad-vocate (sorry), I was so pleased for her when I found out she was launching her own app - 'Glow Guides'.

What is Glow Guides?

Glow Guides is an 8-week holistic transformational programme in an app. The idea behind it is that you have a PT, nutritionist and life coach in your pocket, offering you workouts, recipes, life hacks and meditation tips, to get healthier and happier (in mind, body and spirit) in eight weeks.

How does it work? 

The basis of the app is video, PDF and audio content, broken up into three categories: 'Move', 'Munch' and 'Meditate'. Each week the app will include;

  • A video outlining your target goals for the week
  • A meal plan for the week ahead
  • Strength and cardio based workout vids (by PT Shona Vertue) with printable PDFs
  • Vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga videos 
  • Meditation audio
  • Live stream function - Madeleine can speak directly to anyone participating

iOS or Android? 

Both. Yay.

What does Madeleine say?

“I was tired of transformational programmes focusing on how you look rather than how well and happy you are. For me, real transformation needs to go beyond the superficial if it's to have a lasting and positive affect.

The Glow Guides’ approach is completely holistic but I also hope it feels like your best friend, providing inspiration and words of encouragement...”

What do I say?

Like I've said before I really like how all-encompassing Madeleine's approach to diet and exercise is, and I think the holistic element of this app (combining mind, body and food) captures this perfectly. I looove the inclusion of the live stream function, I think it brings the whole app alive and gives it a solid, real time feel. Which is great because at £49.99, it's not cheap. Still a hell of a lot cheaper than a PT, plus you're getting meal plans, yoga & cardio & strength workouts, as well as meditation advice included too. The longevity of the app is a winner too - yes it's initially designed for an 8 week transformation, but you could easily repeat the programme and continue on your journey to optimum wellness.

To give you a taster of what to expect in the app, I've included a workout below...

If you want more info, go to



  1. There are different ways that you can practice Zen meditation. Traditionally, only the full lotus position or the half-lotus position is used.

  2. Whether you sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, make sure that your spine is upright with head up. If you are slumped your mind will drift.


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