Saturday 5 April 2014

Carbicide: The Cake & Bake Show

What started out as a pretty healthy week quickly descended into a sugary, carby affair after gorging on cake, bread and cheese at the Cake & Bake Show yesterday.

It's on all weekend so if you can get down to the Manchester Central, DO IT! It's amazing. So many delicious looking stalls and freebies, so go on an empty stomach!

There's not much else to say so I thought I'd leave it up to the photos to explain themselves - if only pictures could convey smells, too...

Wine. Because nothing goes better with fresh, warm bread and cakes..!

These pistachio meringues were in-sane. Absolutely massive! The one I brought home wouldn't fit in my two palms (but it fit in my mouth. Ooopsie)

The cake displays were incredible - look at this elephant!

...and this little chap, so sweet (pardon the pun)..

Amongst the cakes there is cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

This caramalised onion and rioja cheese was THE BEST ever, I'm ordering some online ASAP.

Not quite as good as peanut butter, but still darn tasty.

Blocks and blocks of creamy, herby feta.....

The lovely Frances Quinn doing her thing.

Rosemary Shrager is the most demonstrative chef ever.

Tried the smoked chorizo sausage from these guys and I was really impressed - definitely worth a buy.

 After sampling about twelve cubes of this smoked cheese, I caved and bought a wheel. I'm planing on eating the entire thing this evening..

I think all the sugar got the better of me because when I saw this cupcake ball-gown I couldn't not have a photo with it...

It was so fun. I want to go again today and tomorrow. BRING ON THE CAKE!

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